Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard
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Coach Rueb (LI Storm)

Coach Rueb (LI Storm)
"Thanks for all the work you have put in with my girls over the past few months. They all have improved...cannot wait for my daughters workouts to begin. As a coach I watch and learn also, which benefits us all in the long run."

Coach Jimenez
"I just wanted to say thank you for your continued efforts with our kids. I'm sure you are very proud of the Brentwood kids you have trained. Thanks again."

Harold Clay (Morehouse College)
"Coach Dominique Williams is a phenomenal trainer. After the first workout with him, I knew that I wanted to keep working with him. He knows what he is doing and cares about me progressing as a player. I will be working out with him this whole summer so that he can prepare me to play at the college level next year at Morehouse College with that 'dog' mentality."

Allen Pickett (Hudson Valley Hype)
"I can personally attest that Mr. Powell gets results. Several of my players attended his clinics before and during the season. The result was a 11-1 championship season, league MVP, Finals MVP and six players obtaining paying basketball jobs overseas after the season. Thanks Jerry!"

Roxanne Paquette (Smithtown West Parent)
"The results continue! Thank you to all the trainers who have helped Nick achieve MVP for his JV team as well as breaking scoring records!"

Marilyn Thompson (NY Gauchos Parent)
"My son Isaiah has been going to Jerry's gym since he was barely 6 yrs old. He is now 10 and calls this gym his 2nd home. What my son has learned from this gym cannot be described in words. The trainers in this gym has created a beast in my son. Every gym he walks into shows him respect at his young age. This is what bballresults has the ability to do to anyone that walks into this gym with a genuine desire to be the best. Big shout out to Jerry Powells and his team of experts!"

Roxanne Paquette (Parent)
"If your child is dedicated to playing basketball in middle school to high school and beyond, I strongly urge you to attend a training session. Nick went from just showing up in 7th grade to breaking his middle school scoring record in 8th grade-26 pts! And has scored as high as 35pts in an AAU game! - That’s Results!"

Bill Sixsmith (Parent)
"Four years ago I was introduced to Jerry Powell and Basketball Results. Little did I know that this introduction would deliver to my three children a lot more than advancing their individual basketball skills. Through this relationship, all of my children have developed a much deeper appreciation for what hard work brings to an individual. The sheer ability to build confidence in a player is one of many strengths Jerry brings to his players. The most unique thing about Jerry and his staff is that they truly CARE about their players. The expectations that my children had when they began training with Jerry have been far surpassed. My children have become better basketball players through training with Jerry but more importantly, Jerry has taught them that through hard work, all goals are achievable. Jerry possesses an uncanny ability to communicate effectively with all personality types. But his greatest asset is his commitment and his ownership to deliver CONFIDENCE in the game of basketball to those players fortunate enough to be at the legendary Annex training facility!"

Derrick Mullen (Parent)
"Jerry Powell of basketball results is the best trainer on this planet. He, along with his staff are tireless in their pursuit of training perfection. They won't let you fail. Jerry is THE BEST THERE IS, THE BEST THERE WAS AND THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE!"

Chuck Everson (Parent and Villanova Alumni/Former NBA player)
"I've entrusted both my kids to Jerry Powell and his staff at Basketball Results, for their workouts and training. Jerry is an old school, no nonsense, in your face type of trainer. He preaches hard work, effort and sweat is how you get ahead and achieve your goals. The kids look up to him, and they listen. I love the message, all the things he talks about apply to life, not just basketball. The workouts are second to none. He truly cares about the kids and their improvement – He even goes to their games. What other trainer does that? Jerry truly gets it, and my kids train nowhere else. "

Charlann Solomon (Parent)
"There’s a reason its called “Basketball Results”! Results are what you get! Jerry is an in your face type of trainer and is passionate about his kids. He truly believes that if a kid walks into his gym with a heart for basketball and is willing to put in the work, he will make them better. I’ve been watching all the results for the past 5 years and have no qualms about how he trains. My son has been to a few trainers along the way but we have never left Jerry and there must be a reason. It’s his passion that has made my son the type of player that will be playing college ball. If your child truly strives to be a ball player then this is where they need to be. "

Bruce Zambrotta
"We have three daughters who all play ball and all go to Jerry Powell’s Basketball Results: two of them for over 9 years. Over the years, Jerry and the Basketball Results trainers have taken the raw materials that my kids possessed and cultivated them into the skilled trainers they are today. This evolution is most impressive. Jerry has instilled in his trainers that the fundamental ability to succeed exists in all and that it takes hardwork and dedication to get it out. He believes that every athlete has the potential to succeed. This expectation does not come from the fiscal side of the equation, but, from his pure love of them game and his god given ability to teach, inspire, motivate and care about all athletes in his charge. We have never met anyone like you! Thank you for being you!"

Jeff & Smithe Sodine (Parent)
"Our daughter has been training with Jerry Powell at Basketball Results for the past 3 ½ years. Jerry and his staff have been instrumental in developing her skills. Jerry’s unique approach does not only teach and develop skills, it builds confidence. We recommend Jerry Powell not only to basketball players, but to any athlete. Jerry and his staff have been instrumental in developing her skills. "

Isaiah Thompson (Parent)
"Deciding to bring Isaiah to Basketball Results was the best decision we ever made. Their staff takes the skill of basketball to another level. Most importantly, you get all the results you set out to achieve with their experienced trainers and their unique drills. The patience, enthusiasm, and knowledge the Basketball Results team has shown toward our son has given him the confidence and game that is sure to take him far in life. I would recommend Basketball Results to anyone that is serious about the game of basketball and are willing to put in the work because their trainers will definitely give their best. They ARE the best!"

Marina Thompson (Parent)
"The love and dedication that the Basketball Result’s staff has shown towards my son is astonishing! I would like to personally thank them for the effort they have put towards my son. We will stick with Basketball Results till the end. My son will always remain loyal and grateful to this program. I give them 100 percent credit for my son’s skill."

Jennifer O’Niell (Kentucky) via Daily News Article 1/5/2010
"“Without him, I wouldn’t be anywhere.” Say O’Neill. Powell molded her from a raw sophomore into a lethal, Kentucky-bound point guard. “I really didn’t know how to play,” she adds. “I was nothing. He made me.” ... O’Neill says of Powell ...“he changed my life.” "

Chris Douglas-Roberts (NBA player – formally of the NJ NETS) via Daily News Article 1/5/2010
"Chris Douglas-Roberts of the Nets is convinced that Powell may be the best trainer who has ever worked him out. That’s a big statement, considering that he previously worked with Tim Grover, who trained Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. “Jerry is ahead of his time.” Said Douglas-Roberts, who started training with Powell last summer and has boosted his scoring average from 4.9 points per game to 16.4 this season. “For as long as I’m playing, I’ll train with him.” "

St. Michaels Coach, Apache Paschall
"He is just the complete package when it comes to trainers."

Josh Smith (Farmingdale University Player)
"After leaving high school, it was tough making that transition into a college player. Working out with Jerry Powell has given me the confidence I need to make every part of my game a whole lot better. He helped me make a big transition to the college game. Jerry has taught me a lot about the game. All he asks from me is to match his intensity and to work hard. The passion that he has for this game is immeasurable. There is no doubt in my mind that he will help me take my game to the next level as a professional athlete. I thank him for that."

Tyler DeChalus (St. Peter’s College Player)
"Jerry Powell develops ballplayers and improves their ball handling and shooting. Seeing how they worked out motivated me to work harder and see what I had to do to get better. I got better playing in the group workouts against D1 ballplayers. His program is like a boot camp for ballers. he not only trains you physically, but trains you mentally. By the time you leave Jerry Powell, you have the confidence to face any program. If you want to improve, Basketball Results is the place to go. Thank you for all your assistance. "

Terry Green (Seton Hall University Player)
"I couldn’t dribble, shoot, or make a lay-up but Jerry believed in me that I could be one of the best in the country. I got a scholarship to Seton Hall because of him."

JJ Sydney (Player)
"Basketball Results helped me build my confidence as a person and also a basketball player - from having me run the hills and playing with the older boys and girls. He knows how to keep me focused and push me hard which has kept me hungry and kept me wanting to come back everyday and tighten up on my skills (all around game). Thanks to Basketball Results I am trained to work hard even when I’m away at school in FL, Chopola College."

Niki Avery (Eastern Kentucky/Overseas player)
"Jerry’s Powell energy is contagious so when he works me out, naturally I feel more confident and hungry. Jerry has taught me rhythm on the basketball court, including how to go from slow to fast and change speeds This has helped me to keep my defenders guessing and it has also helped me adapt quicker defensively. I have always been a shooter, but being small makes it harder to get my shot off. As a result, Jerry has shown me how to use my handle/quick dribble moves in order to create enough space to take my shot."

Anonymous Parent from "Team Express"
"Jerry's been training my son for 2 years now, and the progress that my son's made is phenomenal! I swear by Jerry and his more than competent staff. The proof is in the pudding, bring your kid down to the annex and you'll see. Thaks Jerry. Division 1 all the way."

Sammy Prahalis (Ohio State)
"He brought my game to another level," she said. "Without him, I wouldn't be a McDonald's All-American."

Jennifer O'Neill (University of Kentucky)
"Without him I wouldn't be anywhere," says O'Neill.

Lance Stephenson Sr. (father of McDonald's All-American, the state's all-time leading scorer at Lincoln HS, & guard at Cincinnati Lance Stephenson Jr.)
"Jerry helped Lance's jump shot and speed a lot,"
"He worked a lot for us and helped make him really better."

Eddie Curry (Former NY Knick)
Curry credits Powell with helping him shed 50 pounds in 1 summer.

Chris Douglas-Roberts
"Jerry's ahead of his time, For as long as I'm playing, I'll train with him."
    - said Douglas-Roberts, who started training with Powell and has boosted his scoring average from 4.9 points per game to 16.4 in 1 season.

Andre Barrett (Former NBA Player)
"It's worth the trip."

Rodini "Maximum Grafx" Almonacy (Basketball Kingdom)
"I swear by Jerry Powell, The thing that separates him from all the other trainers is the fact that he is so passionate about what he does and he's a student of his craft. Always learning, always finding ways to get better and make the players better. At the end of the day the kids come 1st, and because he loves what he does you're kids are going to get better. My son's rapid improvement is proof to that."

Roderick Odom (Vanderbilt University)
"JP1 is the best trainer in the business . Everyone wants to be a trainer these days,lots of people claim to be. Anyone can train a player after the player is known or becomes known. JP1 manufactures greatness."

Lauren Fiore
"One year with Jerry, my son Drew is attending college, has made the Bball team and has learned the meaning of hard work!

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, JERRY makes it happen! BELIEVE. "