Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard
Jerry Powell and his experienced staff of trainers guarantee that their unique style of training will develop you into a better basketball player. Come see how! We call ourselves Basketball Results, because that is exactly what we provide for players and teams of all ages and skill levels. We pride ourselves on our distinctive training methods that enable our players to achieve confidence and immediate results.

Vertimax Basics - Dual functions
1st- Improves quickness and speed. Applies resistance by strapping in player. Simulates running. Player must run at top speed in order to achieve maximum results. The player has a number of sets that are timed by the trainers.
2nd- Improves jumping and explosiveness. Player position is changed. Resistance is still applied as player faces the basket. The player is given a heavy ball and has a number of sets, monitored by trainer, to focus on jumping. Each set is broken down into two different jumping techniques.

The Gun (Shooting Machine) At Basketball Results, we have three of these. Concentrates on shooting and correct form. Has multiple settings. Can shoot on the move or stationary. Rebounds shots for player. Any particular training session could be a variety of drills, created by Jerry, just using these machines.
*Shooting on the move
*Corrects form and other shooting ailments
*Improves shot speed
*Instills confidence through repetition
*Shot footwork